We have introduced a multitude of Advanced Applications accessible for you completely free with our TMV Hosting Site Control Panel! They are designed for web–developers or, perhaps for web masters that want to handle their hosting environment on their own. You can quickly make an .htaccess file, modify the PHP release for your own account, change the php.ini file, configure various automated tasks and scripts, and more!

All Advanced Applications stick to the layout pattern in our Site Control Panel, which makes them extremely uncomplicated.

Hotlink Protection

Protect yourself against bandwidth theft

When you make unique website content for one’s web site, it is very important defend it from people who wish to use it without having your permission. By reason of this, we have created a particular safety tool inside the TMV Hosting Site Control Panel. Our Hotlink Protection tool was designed to shield all photos at your website from being published in different publications devoid of your authorization.

The software tool is admittedly intuitive, without having any settings demanded whatsoever. All you have to carry out is just determine which domain name to defend and trigger the service.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automatic creation of .htaccess files

Incorporated in the TMV Hosting Site Control Panel you will find .htaccess Generator – an impressive software instrument, which lets you create .htaccess files with no need to make them by yourself. The tool requires zero practical experience and also no knowledge of .htaccess file management.

Through an .htaccess file, you can easily redirect several pages of one’s website or even the complete website to a new location. Also, you can apply it to guard a directory with a security password or even to allow for PHP code within HTML files, etcetera.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Block out malevolent IPs from your website

Within the TMV Hosting Site Control Panel we’ve integrated an exceedingly important tool that lets you limit the ability to access your sites by blocking unique IP addresses. While using the IP blocking tool, you can actually stop an IP address or, perhaps a full range of IP addresses from using your website. To see which IP addresses create the ’undesirable’ website traffic to your web site, you can check out the Stats Manager.

Just about all IP addresses are stopped up immediately and then nobody will have a way to view or access your website from them anymore.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Alter the PHP settings for your personal web site

In the event the script you use necessitates a distinct PHP build, or you need to make any PHP adjustments, it’s easy to do this in the TMV Hosting Site Control Panel. You are able to change the PHP release with only a mouse–click, selecting from past PHP variants to the secure PHP release. Also, you can instantly change the most significant settings inside the php.ini file, or make a total change of how your PHP build operates.

It’s not necessary to wait patiently all day or reactivate anything at all for the alterations to take effect. All the adjustments are implemented online when you save them.

PHP Configuration

Cron Jobs

Create automated scheduled tasks

If you have a thing that your web site or web app should complete regularly, you can automate it by using a cron job. Cron jobs make it easier to create scheduled duties, that may be implemented at particular time periods. You may set cron jobs to mail you the rank of your site every single day or to get rid of temporary files every week to be able to liberate disk space in your own website hosting account.

Every single cloud hosting package is bundled with a specified amount of cron jobs. Added cron jobs are available anytime through your Site Control Panel.

Cron jobs

Password Protection

Good way to protect your files

Password protection is known as a solution to secure your site with a password in order that just certain individuals have access to it. As an example, you may want password protection in case you’re in the process of developing your website and do not want the search engines or others to find it prior to it being completely ready or when you need to create a private folder within your web site with approved access.The Password Protection tool bundled at the TMV Hosting Site Control Panel will enable you to accomplish this with just a couple of mouse–clicks. You’re going to be the only one that knows the username and password needed to log in if you don’t share them with someone else.

The security password are going to be held in an encoded file format, so no person is able to see it or check it out. You alone, as the website owner can be permitted to modify it.

Password Protection

URL redirection

URL redirection with just a couple of clicks

If you wish to easily redirect your site to a different web page or some other web site, you can do so with the URL Redirection instrument. It negates the need to come up with PHP redirects or create an .htaccess file. Simply identify the place you would like to point your site to and the software tool will take care of what’s left. Your domain name is going to be redirected very quickly.

And, in case you need to terminate the re–direction and have your site pointed to the original URL, that can be done with a click of your computer mouse.

URL Redirection