Have a look at video demonstration for the dedicated servers, you can find at TMV Hosting. Find out how buying a Linux dedicated servers hosting package will supercharge your site.

Every one of our dedicated servers may be found in a innovative USA data center, located in the downtown area of Chicago. It has unparalleled connectivity with the rest of the world and includes great power and cooling solutions. We’ve been capable to install a specialized internal network, that allows us to ensure a 99.9% network uptime.

Each individual dedicated server is based with hardware components we’ve actually screened, to ensure that they will operate to TMV Hosting’s benchmarks. While the hardware we offer you just isn’t the most recent brand new thing, it’s shown to be reliable and strong, limiting the chances for incompatibility or hardware malfunction.

With each and every dedicated server, you’ll also find a lot of 100% free bonuses. With a joined worth of over $400 USD, you will get 3 distinctive IP addresses, a free of charge billing software, a no cost domain name reseller account along with our free of charge Site Control Panel (accessible with Debian only).